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Edge Women Group

Albena Mihaylova-Bendji, Monika Romenska, Nadia Genova, Veneta Marinova, the four Plovdiv female artists from the iconic group RUB (EDGE) reunited in the Women of the Edge Group. Their exhibitions are impressive multimedia shows that attract numerous audiences, surprise and leave lasting impressions. The group maintains a specific style of work in which the four artists inspire each other, deliver the ball skillfully and hit with precision. They develop their ideas to their final crystallization in a progressive manner, performing with lots of humor and self-irony, almost edging on sketch and street theater. They attract followers and involve guest-artists and create symbolic awards. A seemingly eclectic mix of genres, the Edge Women go deep in their work, maintain a clear conceptual line and act firmly. The Women of the Edge are an unprecedented phenomenon in the landscape of the Bulgarian contemporary art.

Exhibitions, Performances


2022 MASISTERS. Healthy Mind Healthy Body, Art Positive, Kapana Gallery, Plovdiv
2021 MASISTERS. Healthy Mind Healthy Body, Romfea Gallery, Plovdiv

2019 LISTE Art Fair Basel

2018 Romfea Gallery, Plovdiv

2016 Hall Plovdiv19, Plovdiv

2015 Resonance Gallery, Plovdiv

2015 Gallery MISSION, Ministry of Culture, Sofia

2014 Romfea Gallery, Plovdiv




Culture Award Plovdiv for Visual Arts,

European Culture Capital Plovdiv 2019

The Other Things_Edge_Women_Video_Albena
Women on the Edge2_2016
Women on the Edge2_2014
Women on the Edge_2018
The Other Things_Installation
Women on the Edge1_2014

Catalog 80 pages, English/Bulgarian, format 21cm/27.8cm
© 2021 ISBN 978-3-033-08920-4 Price Fr. 25.–

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