Peter Gospodinov

1974 born i Bulgaria

1993 - 1997 Art Academy Sofia, BG

1999 - 2003 Visual Art School Basel


The spatialisation of bodies and the dissolution of the subject status characterise the art of Peter Gospodinov. The mysteries of nature have fascinated him since childhood. Already as a youth he was preoccupied in his artistic work with the question of reality and its representation, with what really exists and where the boundaries lie when we can rely on our eyes. A post-structural sense of life is artistically reflected: landscapes are contextualized in what appear to be technical fields and lines. Textual structures and surface collages continue the adjoining traces scratched in colour which move towards us in a simple and direct manner, like cave drawings. Painted surfaces accentuate sprayed surfaces, photography and its alienating effect complement what has been painted. The artist manages to assert himself in these diversities without becoming arbitrary. The old and the new are combined and optimized. Each element represents its uniqueness and yet remains in relation to all the others. As in a flock of flying birds, each organism finds its way in the magical movement of the whole. This unity creates a field of force in which each element takes its place.


Exhibitions (Selected)


2018 Museum Birsfelden, BirsfeldenCH /

AM Contemporary, Plovdiv, BG

2017 Open space Münzgasse, Basel CH /

AM Contemporary, Plovdiv, BG 

2016 Gemeindehaus, Reinach, CH /

AM Contemporary, Plovdiv, BG

2015 Galerie Muri, Bern, CH /

AM Contemporary, Basel, BG

2014 Art Gallery Wiesbaden, DE /

AM Contemporary, Plovdiv, BG

2013 Galerie Tobias Löffel, Basel, CH /

Art Gallery Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, DE

2012 Galerie Tobias Löffel, Basel, CH

2011 The solo project Kunstmesse, Basel, CH

Stand Galerie Tobias Löffel

2010 Galerie Tobias Löffel, Basel, CH

2009 Galerie DoK, Baden, CH

2008 Galerie Tobias Löffel, Basel, CH

/ Work in Progress in Kuratorium

Mitte, Basel, CH

2007 M - Tel Awards - NDK Sofia, BG 

/Continued, Work in Progress in Kuratorium Mitte, Basel, CH

/Galerie DoK, Baden, CH

/Galerie Tobias Löffel, Basel, CH

2006 Action Motion II (Tanzperformance and Drawing): Work in Progress in

Kuratorium Mitte, Basel, CH

/ Galerie DoK, Baden, CH

2005 Action Motion (Tanzperformance and Drawing): Work in Progress in

Kuratorium Mitte, Basel, CH

2004 Action Unplugged, Work in Progress in

Kuratorium Mitte, Basel, CH

/Interaction Museum Trotte, Arlesheim, CH

2003 Galerie Artone, Zürich, CH


Kuratorium Mitte, Basel, CH

© AM contemporary, Elsässerstrasse 248, CH-4056 Basel