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The Edge Group participated in the first edition of the International Festival for Modern Art Process-Space with the infamous action The Obvious Breakfast, which took place over 10 hours on one of the piers of the city of Balchik on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. The artists arranged a magnificently abundant dining table full of delicacies. They “devoured” the food over 10 hours on their own while the audience was being separated with a rope. The viewers remained hungry and the action turned into an egotistical gesture of the group in the context of the social crisis, shortage of goods and inflation. 


The apparent cynicism of this spectacle tended towards criticism of the numerous creative events at the time in the capital and in the country that were mainly aiming at getting grant money from either non-governmental or market sources, rather than at the public good. The action was also somehow critical of the new subject – the artist who had to learn to be individualistic and egotistical in order to survive in the new market conditions, as well as within the new social privileges that came with the market and the non-governmental foundations. 

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