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Thomas Heimann

1957 Born in Bern, Switzerland


Schools in Bern, CH and Tübingen, D

1979-1986 School of Design and University, Bern, CH

1997 Membership Visarte Switzerland

2006-2015 Co-line exhibition space Klingental, Basel, CH


The Thomas Heimann art can be described with the picture of playgrounds where painting, paint material, form, lighting condition, position of reception and visual perception can be watched and experienced as players in interaction.

Specific constellations of colors bring the perception on its limits and leads to unexpected visual production in the visual field (see 'Simultankontrast' in German or „Interaction of color“, J. Albers). This cerebral production is taken as a working material - in a way i paint with color perception.

The aesthetic potential of the formentioned production that i am interested in, emerges in paintings, prints, in objects and installations. It's always about situations in which qualities of the chosen players are used like ingredients in a laboratory to be transformed in a kind of alchemistic process into visual poetry, or into something like music - anyway something not precisely describable. In fact the results can be intended but they are unpredictable in their effective appearance, it’s happening if it works. The effects are small but with the time of viewing and the experience of moving lighting conditions the presented colorworld generates constantly new and unexpected sight-experiences. For example surfaces seem to melt, materials that you see can no longer be defined properly (is it canvas, metal, paint…), dirty earth color turns into something shimmering golden or a fat gray acrylic paint gets transparent as air.

It could be that the most trivial presence of a everyday thing starts to oscillate through this artistic intervention between self-evidence and extreme dubiety, and thus the colorworks can take you over the mere aesthetic aspects into existential spheres.


Exhibitions (Selected):

2015 "On the way to Hellissandur" - Culturescapes Iceland 2015 - Klingental, Basel, CH

2014 "Constellations with Earth" - Regional 15 - Hégenheim, FR

2010 Space to art - Kasko, Basel, CH

2011 Les jeux sont faits - Offspace, Basel, CH

2009 "Anonyme draftsman" - LIST 09, Basel, CH

/ Online-Exhibition @ Minimale - Alpineum, CH

Producers' Gallery, Lucerne, CH

/ Waste disposal - Klingental, Basel, CH

2008 "Season Opening" - Vrits, Basel, Switzerland / sites pittoresques, video chatters


/ "The Line is a Lonely Hunter" - group exhibition, New Jerseyy, Basel, CH

2006 "PETs" photographs, Biel, CH

2005 "a color object" - 3D painting, espace libre, Center Pasquart Biel, CH

2004 «Songs on the shore» - painting,

AM contemporary, Project Baudialog, Zurich, CH

1981 Exhibition painting and collages, Bern, CH

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-27 um 16.55.53
Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-27 um 16.57.14
Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-27 um 16.56.14
Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-27 um 16.57.46
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