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Niko Minch

Born 1952 in Bulgaria
Graduated from Institute of Civil Engineering, Sofia
Works as a free Photographer


Its theme is the old architecture


Exhibitions (Selected):

2017 AM contemporary in Zehnthaus Wyhlen, Basel, (CH)

2016 Traveler solo exhibition "In Her" in the cities of Trojan, Lovetsch, Sevlievo, Gabrovo, (BG)

2015 Gallery circle, Kardzali, (BG)

2013 «La Foresta», Galerie Van Gango, Alba Adriatica, (IT)

2013 «She II», portrait photography on canvas, Galerie Rezonance, Plovdiv, (BG)

2011 «In Her II», Galerie Rezonance, Plovdiv, (BG)

2011 Deveci Han Kültür Merkezi, Edirne, Turkey

2009 «In Her I», Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, (BG)

2009 «She», City gallery Plovdiv, (BG)

1999 Galerie Drita, Sofia, (BG)

1998 Galerie Ave, Sofia, (BG)

1997 Grand Prix for experimental photography at the first private studio for experimental photography «New Print», Jambol, (BG)

1997 Participation in the exhibition "Black-Gray-White", Kerava, Finland, and Sofia, (BG)

1995 Participation in the first edition "Contemporary Art Week", Plovdiv, (BG)

1991 Participated in the exhibition «Big Photography» by Edge Group, Plovdiv, (BG)

1982 National Exhibition of Applied Art, Jambol, (BG)


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